5 years

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Sunday, August 17th, 2008

5 years

five years ago yesterday—august 16, 2003—christen and i began our life together as a married couple. in a society where the divorce rate is over 50%, it’s good to know that christen and i are more in love and more deeply committed to each other than we were 5 years ago when we walked down the aisle. undoubtedly, relationships change as marriage goes along. the infatuation lessens and the newness wears off, but something much deeper emerges that i value much more now. christen isn’t only my wife, but she’s the mother of my children, my best friend and my unparalleled partner in ministry.

so, i won’t dwell too much more in the sappy zone, but i just wanted to express here how excited i am and thankful that christen and i have made it 5 years (and hopefully another 55 or 75 years…).

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  1. Terri says:

    Now that you’ve gotten all after-school-special about it…..

    Happy Anniversary!!!

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