music on mtv?

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Saturday, November 1st, 2008

music on mtv?

i’ll spare the details, but let’s just say that i had a rough night that was comprised of plenty o’ hugging of the toilet… so, i’ve been stuck in bed all day, which hasn’t been too exciting.

in between watching episodes of real chance at love, celebrity rehab with dr. drew and other classy shows of similar kind, i’ve been perusing a new website that launched last week. it’s called mtv music and it does something shocking: it brings music to music television. i know, i know, that seems insane for mtv to do something like this, but it’s true.
basically, it’s like a hulu for music videos. it has hi-res music videos and claims to have every music video ever made (although i quickly disproved that claim…how are you not going to have one of the best videos ever, black hole sun by soundgarden, on a site that says it has every video ever….??). anywho, the way it’s better than hulu and some other video sites, though, is that it doesn’t interrupt the videos with advertising.
it’s good stuff, so you should go check it out. like i said, they’re hi-res and they’re fully embedable. speaking of fully embedable (not to mention fully awesome…) :

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