in route: poets, prophets and preachers

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Sunday, July 5th, 2009

in route: poets, prophets and preachers

right now, I’m approximately 31,000 feet in the air, listening to a playlist consisting of mewithoutyou, elvis costello’s new album & unreleased michael jackson tracks and staring down at the most incredible fluffy white clouds (p.s. I just mistyped ‘white’ & my iPhone corrected it to ‘whore’…). no, I’m not high or hallucinating… i’m on a plane to grand rapids, michigan.

i’m heading to a conference that I’ve been excited about for quite awhile. rob bell—pastor, author, communicator extraordinaire, nooma creator, dude who wears cool glasses—is hosting ‘poets, prophets & preachers‘, along with fellow uber-communicators peter rollins & shane hipps.

the tagline of the conference is “recapturing the art of the sermon,” which is something I feel very strongly about. I think communication is an artform and doesn’t have to be the “crap, here comes the sermon” part of a worship gathering. now certainly, I don’t believe—like many—that the sermon should or must be the central focus of the worship time, but I certainly do think it can be a primary way to connect with & engage god and others.

so, over the next few days, I hope to check back in here when the opportunity arises. I’d like to be able to share some insights & report on all the christian celebrity stalkers that are always present at this kind of event.

alright, back to cloud gazing & trying my best to not knee the poor woman in front of me in the back…


  1. taddelay says:

    i'm so jealous. This is like the first pastors conference i've ever heard of that i actually wanted to go to. Hipps, Bell, Rollins… i've got man-crushes on all of them.

  2. ted says:

    .will he be teaching on bad art vs good "art of the sermon"?…okay, seriously, what would happen if you just preached the truth and stopped worrying about being entertaining? I just listened to a lengthy Bell sermon that was all about "us" and the tribal configurative symbolism…which to me was not what the Abrahamic narrative was about…it seems to me to be countergenerative to insistatize on elevationalism of humans and the marginalization of the Christcentric

  3. christen says:

    hold on…I thought this conference was teaching you how to grow a curly mullet and whiten your teeth. I thought Joel osteen was leading this deal. i'm so disappointed that you might actually learn something useful and be challenged…lame.

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