poets, prophets and preachers: what else do you want to hear?

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Friday, July 10th, 2009

poets, prophets and preachers: what else do you want to hear?

with the overwhelming amount of information i consumed at poets, prophets and preachers, i could easily blog about it for the next 6 months (that’s barely an exaggeration). i’m gonna go out on a limb and say that most people would soon grow weary…

so, i looked back over my notes and i thought i might just put up a list of words and phrases and thoughts that had special significance. here’s what you can do: if any of these strike your interest or sound intriguing or need greater clarification, leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to me to blog about. unless something changes, your suggestion will be the last post i write about the conference. so make it good! 🙂
here’s the list:
words create new worlds
talks that start talks
if you can resolve the sermon by the end, it’s flawed
it’s not that you have to say something but you have something to say
resurrection is about god reaffirming the goodness of creation
what you look for you will find
sermon brings hope rooted not in escape but engagement, not evacuation but reclamation, not leaving but staying and overcoming
god is not an object, he transforms how I interact with the objects in the world
we’re not the bread but we make people smell the aroma
to become more like god is to become more fully human
the only church that illuminates is a burning one
christianity is fundamentally a communication event
the medium is the message
we become what we behold
4 quadrants of law of media
1. what does the medium enhance/extend?
2. what does the medium obsolesce?
3. what does the medium retrieve from the past?
4. what does the medium reverse into?
distill what drives the sermon in 30 seconds
judging is not enrusting others to god so we control by negativity
jesus didn’t paint a picture of god, he tore our images of god up
god’s name names us. we don’t name god
a physicist’s knowledge isn’t affected if he has an affair. not the same knowledge as christ knowledge.
if the medium is the message, then you are the message
your body itself is a medium
3 bodies we all have:
1. physical
2. energetic
3. essential
we all have a shadow: acknowledge it, uncover it, own it
ok, so what would you like to hear about? i’m game for any of this stuff. 🙂 leave some comments!


  1. Morgon77 says:

    1. What is the purpose of sermons, especially in the PoMo church (with considerations of Solomon's Porch as a possible alternative)?

    2. For the sake of those making humanist accusation…what does it mean that we were created human by God, what did we become after the fall, and what does regeneration seek to make of us?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm partial to, 'Gods name names us' (super packed)… And 'we all have a a shadow'. Preach on preacher.
    – Derek(couldn't sign in via mobile for some reson)

  3. Brent and Cara Beth says:

    to become more like god is to become more fully human- this sounds like a good one. Please indulge oh kind sir.

  4. Anonymous says:

    to become more like god is to become more fully human??? doesn't even make sense???

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