roll your windows down: a soundtrack for spring/summer

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Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

roll your windows down: a soundtrack for spring/summer

if you’re like me, a drive through town these days is less worth the trip without the windows down and, in my case, the sunroof open. indeed, it’s springtime and we’re marching quickly toward a bright and sunny summer. these things are only made better with just the right soundtrack. so, i’ve taken it upon myself to whip up a little something and i thought it would only be fitting if i shared it with everyone.

so, on this mix, you’ll find a blend of spring and summer songs that should get you through the better part of the next 5 or more months. you’ll notice that i tried to keep it diverse, with music ranging from indie afro-pop to a fresh prince to songs that will make you sweat. no doubt, there’s something for everyone (including girls who like to wear abercrombie & fitch…).

so, enjoy! presents roll your windows down (a mix for spring/summer)

1. march (a prelude to spring) / jon foreman
2. thistled spring / horse feathers
3. sunny day / joy williams
4. warm it up / kriss kross
5. walk on the ocean / toad the wet sprocket
6. springtime / annuals
7. don’t look back / she & him
8. hamoa beach / gomez
9. temecula sunrise / dirty projectors
10. weather to fly / elbow
11. wouldn’t it be nice / the beach boys
12. long hot summer day / sara watkins
13. summer girls / lfo
14. if it’s the beaches / the avett brothers
15. summer wine / the coors ft. bono
16. summertime / dj jazzy jeff & the fresh prince
17. the beach / dr. dog
18. gonna make you sweat / c + c music factory
19. steal my sunshine / len
20. summertime in the lbc / the dove shack

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  1. mudpuppy says:

    Now I feel bad for not designing a fancy cover for my playlist. 🙂

  2. ryanByrd says:

    that's funny. i didn't even know you made a mix until i just went to your website. maybe there's some kind of cosmic playlist synchronicity going on here… 🙂 (btw, good mix)

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