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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

performing songwriter

one of my favorite artists of all time is derek webb. i’m sure i will find plenty occasions to blog about him in the future. i was very excited and intrigued to come across performing songwriter’s list of ‘100 most influential independent artists of the past 15 years’ (in honor of the magazine’s 15th anniversary). the list includes some of the most unbelievable indie artists with some of the most notable singers and songwriters. the list is broken down into categories and in the “visionaries” category, none other than derek webb finds a home. he is keeping company in the category with people like radiohead and vampire weekend, which says a tremendous amount. other people on the complete list include alison krauss, feist, tom petty, elvis costello, death cab for cutie and the decemberists (to just name a few).

derek webb is truly the only musician that has actually made a deep and transformative impact on my theology and my worldview in general. his lyrics are truthful and raw in a way that really breathes and communicates what i think christ was really about. it’s difficult to strike a strange and precarious balance between being convicting and entertaining at the same time. so, if you haven’t already, take a few minutes and check out derek webb’s music.

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