alien girl found in woman’s womb…

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Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

alien girl found in woman’s womb…


ok, so that was my attempt at becoming a headline writer for the national enquirer…

we have big news and i’m assuming by the photo you can take a guess as to what this big news is… this november (the 26th to be exact), we will be greeting a new little baby girl! today we had a nice long 45-minute ultrasound when she decided not to spread eagle, thus angering her parents and greatly frustrating the nurse running the ultrasound. patience is a virtue, though, and after much perseverance, she finally decided to show the goods. those three little white lines indicated that in november, i will be the daddy to two beautiful little girls.

people have asked if that’s what we wanted and we were truly indifferent. we would have been just as excited with a boy or a girl. if i would have had to have picked, though, i guess i would have picked a girl. you know, little girls are just pretty. boys, like myself, are just big-headed and goofy (especially if they inherited their daddy’s genes…).

i’m not going to drop a name on you at this point. for my 50% vote, i’ve locked in on a name. christen, though, is still debating. she likes the name i want, but just isn’t sure. so, what do you think? let me know if you have any names for the next little byrd.


  1. Jesse says:

    Ryanetta Byrd
    Douglicious Byrd
    Dean Byrd
    Christenancious Byrd
    Better than Lucy Byrd
    Jessie Byrd
    Precious Byrd
    Dovie Byrd
    Tia Tequilla Byrd
    Jamie Lynn Byrd

  2. rob says:

    remember, i get at least a half credit if you go with “tequila mocking byrd”.

  3. carabeth and brent says:

    How about Buietta Byrd, Big Byrd, Caralicious Byrd, Tweety Byrd, or I mean, if you just don’t want to go for originality you could always just stick with Cara Beth. You know you were going to name at least ONE of your children after me.

    congrats! I’m so excited for ya’ll!

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