springfield and me, the giddy obama stalker

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Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

springfield and me, the giddy obama stalker

ok, so remember when i said that i was going to try to blog every day of my trip here in springfield… yeah, not so much. oh well. alas, i find myself here in the university plaza in springfield about 7 hours away from the conclusion to our little excursion.

which brings me to the most important update of the week. the university plaza that i am referencing is the same one that a certain democratic senator who is running for president stayed last night. that’s right, the old blue-haired baptists here at the convention (who i’m just going out on a limb and guessing they’re not voting for him…) were all abuzz because (president) barack obama spoke at a forum this morning here in springfield and, of course, stayed at the hotel where our convention is occurring. now, i was hoping for a picture of him or, at very least, the 4, 385 secret service agents that were swarming the joint, but i captured neither. actually, a friend of mine, as he was walking to his room, bumped into obama as he was stepping out of his room. they had a brief exchange, but i’m guessing the secret service agents were just frothing at the mouth to be able to tackle him like rabid mma fighters at the slightest jerky movement or mention of islam…
so, that was an exciting development. i was really badly wanting to go to the rally, but you had to have a ticket (which were free to the public–first come, first serve), but they were all gone within hours of him announcing his visit on monday. nevertheless, i felt like some kind of political celebrity stalker with all the ensuing excitement here just being in the same hotel.
(by the way, vote for obama.)

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  1. rob says:

    Don’t think that just because you have briefly pointed it out that your infatuate nature towards a certain democratic senator will escape without comment. You know, the FBI has had to step up their hate site monitoring ever since Obama was proved as a legitimate frontrunner for candidacy. Lesser known are the countless factions of political obsessives being monitored by similar government agencies for fear of some passion driven act of violence that could possibly result from some overly enthusiastic individual towards the political apple of his/her eye. I think there is a chance that you might be on one of these lists. I can see Christen waking up in an empty bed at night only to find you huddled in a corner, making small modifications to the zip gun you have fashioned, a la malkovich from “in the line of fire”, muttering under your breath over and over something about “no one can come between us”. Of course, the zip gun will not work, because you are a graphic design major, but the FBI will think that the schematic that you drew up for the zip gun is very impressive… because you are a graphic design major… ok so if you see any ip address anomalies, its just big brother trying to count you out as a threat, so don’t hate me if i roll over on you… i’m weak and nonpartisan.

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