what do you get when you cross a voodoo witch, a wig and an angry security guard?

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Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

what do you get when you cross a voodoo witch, a wig and an angry security guard?

this is one of those things that didn’t even happen to me, but i still have to blog about it. our friend cara beth told us about this and it…sounded…awe…some….

to make a long story short, she was at the social security office, when a woman tried to jump in front of the line (and you know the angry people in there waiting with their little numbers…). apparently, she got loud and started yelling, so the security guard had to ask the woman to leave. when the woman got belligerent, a full-fledged fisticuffs broke out. i’m a little fuzzy on all the details, but apparently the woman announced—mid-fight—that she was a voodoo witch and that she was going to cast a spell on everyone with her blood (which she smeared up and down her legs…). i guess the real cops finally got her restrained and the whole awesomeness was over.
the best part, though, is that the classy fox 16 news did a story on it. best line: “I knew it was her because I saw her wig on the floor and a puddle of blood on the floor.” again, classy. also, don’t forget to watch the accompanying video. (important note: according to cara beth, the way this woman tells the story is nothing like the way it actually happened, so read with that in mind). you can check out the story and the video here.

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  1. carabeth and brent says:

    I’m so glad I have the classiest of friends like you and Christen. 🙂

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