if all else fails…

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Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

if all else fails…

…and this pastoring/church planting gig falls through, i now know that i can turn to professional modeling…

yeah, so this is jay bakker, pastor of revolution church in brooklyn. i guess now that he’s in new york, he’s hit the big time. 🙂 he is currently featured in an ad campaign by kenneth cole called “we all walk in different shoes” (also featuring matisyahu and others).
if you don’t know anything about jay bakker, i would recommend checking him out and maybe reading his book, son of a preacher man. jay’s message of grace is a poignant one given his background and he communicates in a very raw and real way. he’s also a good example of someone who can teach that the church should be full of cases of “agreeing to disagree” but still being friends and fellow followers of christ. you don’t have to agree with every little piece of dogma of someone to acknowledge the fact that they’re on  the “same team” as you. i don’t agree with every single thought and word that jay spits out, but i have no doubt that he is whole-heartedly trying to follow christ. so, check him out with an open mind and open heart.
you can find out more at the church’s website and they also have a podcast that’s worth checking out.

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