on the border, off the job…

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Friday, September 5th, 2008

on the border, off the job…

so…anybody for a little projectile vomiting, fever and body shakes…??
thanks to my friends at on the border, i have had all the above… wednesday night, christen and i were lucy-free, so we thought we would go out for dinner and a movie (we saw traitor and it was really good…more on that to come, potentially…). what you need to know is that i don’t do mexican food. it’s about the equivalent to drinking gasoline mixed with a little cayenne and general nastiness. what you should also know is that christen loves it and regularly craves it in her state of craziness pregnancy. so, i thought i would be nice and suggest we go to on the border.
that’s where it all went downhill.
let’s just say that i was up the next morning—still tasting the brisket tacos that i ate the night before—hugging porcelain. from what we can figure out, food poisoning is the culprit. ugh.
that brings me to the now. i’m currently laid up in bed at home, missing work. i can’t say that it’s bad having a day off work, but i think i would rather be parked at the ol’ desk than to be in this state.
so, to my friends at on the border, i bid you all adieu. no thank you for the shakes and revisiting of your brisket tacos a full 40 hours later…


  1. RAAB says:

    what are you talking about, man, the shakes rock! their like a workout. sorry to hear about the OTB fiasco. haven’t seen traitor yet but i’m sure it was good, because the cheadle was in it. one of my favorite actors ever. hamburger hill, colors, traffic, ocean’s 11-19, hotel rwanda, and though i hated crash, he still played scene stealer.

  2. RAAB says:

    they’re… not their… one day i will proof read…

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