new kanye west track

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

new kanye west track

look, i’m as surprised as you that i’m blogging about kanye west… the fact is, while kanye west is probably the world’s biggest “word that rhymes with smouche blag”…he does make good music. the other night, the one single, non-slutty highlight from the mtv vma’s was kanye closing out the night with his new single, love lockdown. like other rappers of late (snoop dogg, lil’ wayne, etc.), kanye basically sings the song. it’s really good, actually. again, he’s done some really creative new kind of stuff. there’s no rapper out there putting out stuff like this.

rumor is that he’ll drop another new album in december, with speculation that the title will either be 808’s and heartbreaks or good ass job… yeah… anyway, kanye, in all his great benevolence, is giving away the track for free on his website. or, if you want to just listen, here it is.


  1. Jesse says:

    Glad to see you’re commenting on Kanye… He’s simply Amazing!!!

  2. christen says:

    yeah, he’s REAL amazing…as far as i’m concerned, they should have left him in jail. great music or not…he is making my list of people who are dead to me (along with KFC, and the UAMS traffic dept.). you have no right to be that full of yourself.

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