slacker uprising

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2008

slacker uprising

being a consumer of a lot of media, it’s been nice to see some bands like radiohead, derek webb and nine inch nails begin to understand the power of giving away media for free via the internet. that could be a whole conversation unto itself…. all this to say, though, that we’re now seeing a “major” movie maker get in on the action.

on september 23—for three weeks—michael moore will offer his latest documentary slacker uprising as a free download on the website whether you love him or hate him (sicko: loved it, fahrenheit 9/11: ridiculous…), it’s cool to have an entire feature film offered for free. i doubt that a lot of filmmakers will hop on the bandwagon, but you never know.
you can find out more at this website and/or you can watch the trailer here.

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