a quick break from the westboro crazies…

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Sunday, September 21st, 2008

a quick break from the westboro crazies…

so, tomorrow, i turn 28 years old. that’s right, it’s my birthday. i’m not really a big birthday person. it’s great and good to acknowledge it, but i don’t really ever particularly want anything or require any kind of get together or whatever (although we are having a small shindig with the parentals tomorrow night and i did have a “birthday day” yesterday…which i’ll discuss in an upcoming blog).

there’s not really a lot of significance to being 28 years old. the main point of realization/conversation with turning 28 is that it means you’re only 2 years away from being 30. honestly, i’m kind of looking forward to turning 30. there seems to be some kind of distinguishment (is that a word??…) about being hitting your 30’s. i’m not quite sure what you’re supposed to do when you’re in your 30’s, but i guess i’ve got 2 years to figure it out. although, as stated, i’m not a big birthday person, i have decided that i would like to spend my 30th birthday in either new york city or san francisco. those just seem like good options. i guess i’ll spend those 2 years figuring out what to do in my 30’s also figuring out where we’ll go.
i decided to take a look at which celebrities i share a birth year with, and i have to say that the results are a mixed bag.
the good:
ryan gosling (the notebook, half nelson). he seems like a decent guy and a good actor.
christina ricci. admittedly, i think she’s really hot and i’ve liked some of her movies (while some i have not…).
the bad:
macaulay culkin. hmm. home alone: classic. sleepovers with michael jackson: not so much.
venus williams. it’s not necessarily that i don’t like venus williams, it’s just that i’m completely indifferent.
christina aguilera. ok, i’m just gonna keep it real: in my moments of musical weakness, i can be found in the car rocking out to dirrty or getting emotional to beautiful.
the ugly:
jessica simpson. oh man. this is bad.
this one takes the cake for all-time douche bags: nick carter. yes, ladies and gentlemen, nick freakin’ carter. in the year of my birth, some poor woman also squeezed out nick carter. gee…
alright, i’m going to bed now. i need some birthday beauty rest.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I’m sorry you share your b-day with the likes of Nick Carter and Jessica Simpson, but I still hope it was a good one!

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