another new kevin max track

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

another new kevin max track

crashing gates and passing keeprs
a while back, i posted a couple new tracks that kevin max released from his upcoming ep, crashing gates. today he released another one called out of the wild.
like the others, it’s a really rough demo, but you can get more of a sense of where his new album is headed. this is really good stuff. it has this sort of futuristic story-telling vibe going to it, with the usually cryptic and poetic feel. it has a couple musical elements that are reminiscent of stereotype be—which is a good thing—but there’s also a strong feel to some of the stuff on the imposter.
in a blog post today, he said that he hopes the first of the two ep’s, crashing gates, will be up on itunes by the end of the year and that the full package pre-order will be available at the same time (with no word on the official release date). so, check this out to tide yourself over until that time.

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