i can’t make this crap up.

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Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

i can’t make this crap up.

last year, while i was still peacefully residing in the far-away land of kentucky, apparently i missed how efficient the arkansas legislature is. while people are going without healthcare and gas is $4 a gallon, arkansas house majority leader rep. steve harrelson was filing a resolution to require the state of arkansas to alter its apostrophe usage.


according to steve harrelson.

throw out your second grade grammar lesson. rep. steve harrelson says that we need to use an “‘s” instead of just and ” ‘ “. it’s good to see our tax dollars are going to such good use.

it’s also good to see that arkansas is defying grammatical laws. all we need is just one more thing to make fun of us about. next thing you know, there will be a resolution requiring all arkansans to walk around in overalls, no shoes and a piece of hay hanging out of our mouths. maybe they’ll even throw in a mandatory state-sanctioned moment of silence and reflection each evening for the passing of buddy ebsen, who played jed clampett on the beverly hillbillies…



  1. katandkarl says:

    yes. this was actually an issue for a D.ustin Mc.Daniel ad we ran one time. ridiculous!

  2. Anonymous says:

    well, he’s right gramatically.

  3. ryanByrd says:

    according to the ap style guide: Forming the possessive of a singular proper noun that ends in “s”: Merely add an apostrophe. Examples: Otis’ cookies, Amos’ ice cream, Charles’ chips.

  4. Jesse says:

    It seems like I remember being taught that either way of doing it for singular, rather than plural, words that end in “s” is acceptable.

    Either way my understanding as to why there was a law pushed through about this had to do with legal documents. Apparently it was used both ways in prior legislation and this caused some confusion so this law was brought about to put an end to that.

    Also I can totally understand the need for proper grammar, but I get tired of people who are sticklers for it. The idea that there are hard-and-fast rules in English is ridiculous. There are tons of exceptions to any rule and it’s my view that language is more of an art than a science. So if you want to bend the “rules” to suit you and your writing then go for it. This presents a complication in legal writings and technical reports but that’s just a small portion of all literature.

    Further grammatical rules are constantly changing. I remember being taught that when listing something with three or more items then you put commas after the first two items. Apparently that’s not the rule any more and a comma after the first item is only required now.
    Old Way: John likes books, magazines, and scooters.
    New Way: John likes books, magazines and scooters.

    I truly take the view that grammar Nazis have a sense of superiority and seek out opportunities to unleash their grammatical wrath on the uneducated underclass. I don’t look at people as idiots for not understanding physics, just because I have a better understanding of it than most folks. I give grace in that respect.

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