you be the judge

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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008

you be the judge

let me just be plain about this: saturday night live sucks.

yeah, that’s right: sucks.
snl is at its lowest point ever. it’s terrible. look, when you have a cast that includes the fat kid from good burger, you have a problem. literally no one on the cast is funny. amy poehler is slightly funny (sometimes), but even she’s wised up and is leaving next month. darrel hammond used to be funny (in ’93 or whatever decade he started) and andy samberg has been lucky enough to fall into a couple funny sketches (but he also made hot rod, so it’s cancelled out). i can’t even name the rest of the people (maybe that’s because they’re spending their time making gems like the brothers solomon…)
for whatever delusional reason, i still pretty much watch it ever saturday night. i think it’s because, having watched it during the best era with farley, sandler and then will ferrell, i still am in the habit and i’m clinging to hope that something will make me crack a smile.
hasn’t happened yet.
honestly, the last time i think i laughed at anything was the digital short, junk in a box with justin timberlake. that was truly a classic sketch, which was shocking. the key to that is that it’s a digital short. these are the last remaining hope for this cast. i think the different format is helpful to this cast. they just aren’t funny, off-the-cuff types like will ferrell or chris farley or cheri oteri that rely on improvisational humor that is necessary on a live comedy sketch show.
with that said, saturday night, they had a digital short with andy samberg and kristen wiig called extreme activities challenge. i have to say, i kinda sorta semi-laughed. i didn’t laugh laugh, but i did laugh. i’m still debating if this is funny or not. i mean, will forte is the opposite of funny (and this short proves it). so, i didn’t like how it ended, but i think there were some funny moments. but, again, i’m not sure if i just like this format, or if this is actually funny.
you be the judge. here it is (thanks to hulu).

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  1. katandkarl says:

    semi-funny. the floating chair and ‘act casual’ bits made me smile at least!

    oh SNL of the 90s, will you ever return!?!?

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