respect for mccain

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Sunday, October 12th, 2008

respect for mccain

it’s been alarming what has gone on the last week with the mccain campaign. they haven’t tried to hide the fact that, because of their lagging poll numbers, they are resorting to personal attacks on obama. they are bringing up bill ayers, jeremiah wright and exploiting other myths about his voting record. by and large, the strategy is for mccain himself to avoid the attacks. primarily, palin has become the attack dog for the campaign. it’s honestly very sad andĀ embarrassingĀ to see this go down.

in the midst of all this, though, i have to show some respect for mccain because of a particular incident. due to the increased attacks by the mccain campaign, we’ve seen people at rallies lashing out at obama. much like palin’s attacks, these attacks at town hall meetings have been very sad and disappointing. the incident i’m referring to is where a couple people, when presented the opportunity to ask a question on the microphone, made some disturbing remarks.
mccain had every reason to let their remarks energize the crowd and capitalize on their ignorance. he didn’t do that, though. he showed a lot of courage and dignity in, at his own rally, standing up for obama. in the first clip, mccain actually gets booed (at his own rally). this took a lot of guts, quite frankly. the second clip is really the most disturbing, though. here they are:

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