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Sunday, October 19th, 2008

incredible video


well…maybe a little… 🙂
while watching the democratic national convention a couple months ago, i was really blown away and inspired by the intro video that preceded obama’s acceptance speech. beyond politcs, it was a really amazing video. it was well shot and produced and just looked amazing. in terms of politics, i think what it really achieved was seeing barack obama the man, not just politician with some sort of political agenda. it showed his life and it endeared you to him and his story.
anyway, literally immediately after seeing it, i looked for it online but had no luck. i wanted to post it on the blog, but it just wasn’t available. well…it is now. it’s on his website and i thought i would embed it here for you to check out.
look, even if you absolutely loathe obama, take a few minutes (10, to be more exact…kinda long…) to watch this video. maybe you will see something you hadn’t seen yet about him.
**by the way, the barack obama “tv” page on his website has a lot of really good videos, including the historical “yes we can” speech from new hampshire, the 2004 dnc speech and the unbelievable “race speech” in philadelphia. so, go check them out.
so, here it is:

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