baby byrd #2: very close…

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Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

baby byrd #2: very close…

i got to thinking today and realized that the thing that is currently the most important matter in my life has gotten very little face time here on the ol’ blog. that thing, of course, is the impending birth of our second sweet little girl, olive.

first of all, once upon a time i believe i promised to let everybody know the name we’ve chosen. (broken promises could be the theme of this blog…sorry, folks.) obviously…you just saw it, but for the official unveiling, her name will be olive grace. it’s a name we’ve loved for a long time. some have supposed that it came from little miss sunshine and while we certainly love that movie (and own it on dvd), it didn’t really come directly from that. we just love the name olive and it made the cut.
on to the present. due date: thanksgiving. last week, though, at christen’s appointment, let’s just say the doc touched the top of olive’s head. yeah. crazy. christen is thinning out quite a bit and obviously dilated enough for the doctor to touch olive’s shoulder melon (and, with my genetic hand-me-downs, melon is a very appropriate term…). he’s saying it could be at any time, but that we definitely won’t make the due date.
christen’s ears were very pleased at this news. we obviously don’t want anything unsafe, but now, at 37 weeks, we’re considered full term. so, any day is good for us (christen especially).
so, there ya go. get ready. olive’s on the way. i think i haven’t talked about it a great deal on the blog because it’s one of those things that’s so uniquely special to me, that it’s difficult to express in concise and readable ways. it’s to not sound cliché, but my family is so deeply important and everything to me, so the expectation of olive’s arrival is just really emotionally overwhelming.
i truly can’t wait to see and touch and hold olive. i can’t wait for christen to make it through labor and have the joy of holding olive for the first time. and, probably more than anything, i can’t wait for the first time for lucy to meet and hug and kiss olive (i believe there’s gonna be some serious busting of tears on my end…).
so, hang in there. she’s on her way. follow the blog and you can be one of the first people to see pictures and hear all about her.

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