don’t stop believin’

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

don’t stop believin’

who doesn’t love journey? i mean, where else can you find a band that combines classy power ballads, rock mullets, and steve perry’s sweet sweet buttery howl? can’t do it.

so, wasn’t it a beautifully classy moment yesterday when apple announced that journey’s don’t stop believin’┬áis the all-time highest selling song on itunes. what!? journey? to date, it’s sold a little over 2 million copies. certainly the ridiculous music buyers throughout the world have not stopped believin’.
interestingly, they say that the sopranos finale (which closed with this song) was a major bump in sales. from the night of the show’s airing to the following tuesday, the song’s sales had a 482% spike. steve perry officially offers his mullety thanks to the jersey mafia.
so, in honor of this announcement, i present to you the awesomeness of journey:

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