want another helping of ryan byrd? no? (then just humor me…)

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Sunday, December 7th, 2008

want another helping of ryan byrd? no? (then just humor me…)

for all you faithful (or not-so-faithful) being ryan byrd followers out there in the blogosphere and beyond, i’ve got some nuggets of goodness for you tonight. take another step toward actually being ryan byrd by following me in some other ways besides just the blog.

first, i have some brand new rss subscription options. my old rss feed still works, but if you want some more options, i just got a brand spankin’ new feedburner account that will make subscribing even easier. i discovered the other day that my rss feed wasn’t playing nice with yahoo reader. so, this should save the day. go here to check out the subscription options.
next, i’ve been meaning to blog specifically about this (and i might end up doing it anyway), but i’ve finally crossed over to the other side and have started twittering. for those that don’t know, twitter is a micro-blogging medium in which one is limited to posting “tweets” that are a maximum of 140 words. it’s basically where text messaging and blogging collide. rather than saying i am obsessed, i prefer to say that i’m fascinated. it’s really an interesting way not just to virtually stalk people, but to get little glimpses (whether they be funny or snarky or engaging or just plain mundane) into the everyday lives of friends and strangers alike. if you’d like to follow me on twitter, you can do so here.
finally, for all those people still clinging to 2005, you can always catch me on myspace. i’ve actually contemplated deleting my account for quite some time. i rarely check it and i just updated my info for the first time in literally like 3 years (no exaggeration) the other day. nevertheless, you can still catch me on there from time to time. click here to visit my myspace page. (just for the record, no, i don’t have a facebook page. don’t plan on it. that’s the last thing i need and have intentionally not done it.)
alright, there ya go. you now have multiple avenues of furthering deciphering what it’s like being ryan byrd. good night and good luck.

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