oh! christmas tree

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Friday, December 12th, 2008

oh! christmas tree

these days, we’re on a little slower schedule than what we used to be. last weekend, we bought a christmas tree. tonight, a full week later, we decorated it. it took us a week to muster enough energy to actually throw some freakin’ balls and lights on our goofy tree. needless to say, it’s been a little hectic around the byrd household as of late.

anyway, the tree stands, in all its glory, decorated now. here’s basically how the decorating went down: christen actually decorated, i photographed the ordeal extravaganza, lucy tore crap up and olive got her sleep on in her swing next to the tree. so, it made for a fun time.
like i said, i shot the whole event, which basically meant that i took some pictures of lucy (due to olive being konked out and christen actually being productive). unfortunately, the crappy lighting in our office (where the tree is…it’s not as random as it sounds, being an office. it connects to our living room…seriously, it makes sense…) joined with lucy’s flailing about produced pictures that were generally blurry and crappy, but i did manage to salvage a few. i thought i would share those here.

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