2008 in review: best movies

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Tuesday, December 30th, 2008

2008 in review: best movies

alright, so, i’ve given you my top 10 lists for music and now, like every year, it’s time to drop my top 10 movies of 2008.

all in all, it was an ‘eh’ year in movies. with that said, though, there are quite a few movies i haven’t been able to see yet that i assume would easily¬†find their way onto my list (a few that would literally make it as high as #1 or in the top 5, unless they’re colossal disappointments, which aren’t likely given the reviews). usually, i have a two or three when i post my list, but this year, there’s literally 15 (!) movies that i want to see that i haven’t had a chance to (mostly ones that have released in the last month or so…having 2 kids kind of cramps your movie attendance…). ūüôā anyway, i’ll list a few of these at the end.
alright, here’s the list (counting down):
10. eagle eye: fast, intense, entertaining. the only thing that drops this down is freakin’ shia labeouf (can somebody get rid of this kid)? (he’s quickly becoming the new nicolas cage for me…which basically means that him in a movie means i don’t go see it…)
9. you don’t mess with the zohan: i thought this would be funny, but i had no idea just how funny it would be. now, please don’t rent this thinking there will be smart humor. no, no. this is humor that originates from the lower half of sandler’s body, not his brain…
8. tropic thunder: admittedly, this wasn’t as funny as i thought it would be. but in all fairness, my expectations were out the roof. i mean, when the premise is a dude who thinks he’s in a movie but isn’t, mixed with jack black and a robert downey, jr as a black guy…it’s going to be money.
7. body of lies: typically, i love these kinds of movies with their twisted plots, action scenes and glimpses into the world of intelligence. russell crowe can play anyone and do it well and i have to give leonardo dicaprio props for his role.
6. the strangers: scary movies do nothing for me. they’re usually very fake and very clich√©. this made it to #6 on my list and there’s a reason: just click on the link and look at the image on the webpage. that alone will creep you out…the movie will creep you out exponentially more.
5. indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull: you give me an indiana jones movie and i’m going to like it. granted, the ending was ridiculous…seriously, aliens?? but still, it’s indiana jones, so i’m down with it. (now, if they can just get rid of that freakin’ labeouf…)
4. burn after reading: watching 2 hours of idiots killing each other has never been more enjoyable. the character development in this movie was great and couldn’t have been cast any more perfectly.
3. stepbrothers: #3, you ask? you need to know that i’m the guy that, in 2006, listed nacho libre¬†as best movie of the year. i have no shame, people. i laughed louder at nothing this year than stepbrothers. however low you want to call this kind of comedy, i’ll keep stooping. will ferrell, as usual, is a comic genius.
2. changeling: on a much different note than the #3 selection (a different planet, more appropriately) is this movie. changeling was beautiful, understated and well delivered. by and large, if clint eastwood has anything to do with it, i’m going to see it. his palette is so amazingly beautiful that it’s a character unto itself.
1. the dark knight: this was probably the easiest choice of a #1 of any list i’ve ever written. i could drop everything else down several spots and it still wouldn’t show the gap between this movie and the others. to call this movie a “superhero movie” is to do it a grave¬†disservice. it was dark and beautiful and well written and amazingly acted. it goes without saying at this point that heath ledger’s performance was incredible and it helped to make this the best movie of 2008.
finally, let me list some of the movies that i plan on seeing (hopefully) very soon. like i said, i will probably go edit my list once i see these if they live up even close to what the reviews are saying.
the curious case of benjamin button (will be seeing friday…reviews are comparing it to forrest gump, which is my all-time favorite movie)
quantum of solace (planned to go see this two different times, but olive decided to pop out early…)
slumdog millionaire
appaloosa¬†¬†(next in the blockbuster queu…)
rachel getting married
the visitor (which i’ve rented twice and didn’t have time to watch either time…)
flash of genius
alright, there you have it. check back for updates as i see some of these flicks.

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