father’s day pictures

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Sunday, June 21st, 2009

father’s day pictures

ok, christen told me my previous post about father’s day was “depressing” and “weird.” in fact, i believe she read it and then said, “wah waaaaahhh”. so, i’m going to redeem it with a couple pictures she shot today in our backyard.

despite the fact that lucy was being a grade-A terd, we managed to get at least one semi-usable one (although she demanded she hold an old rusty hose nozzle she found). olive is oblivious, at this age, to the fact that she has terd capabilities, so we got quite a few of her. here’s a couple that turned out decently (again, i’m messing around with texture overlays and lighting stuff, so these could still be works in progress.)

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  1. MamaMia says:

    You have some beautiful kids (and I'm not implying that everyone else's are ugly).

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