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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

president obama

for the people who have known me for any time, it is no secret that i have been for barack obama from the time he announced his candidacy. it’s really the first time in my life that i have been passionate about a political candidate. i am often very put off by politics as usual, so obama has been an extremely refreshing person and candidate to watch through this long election process.

so, with that said, tonight was a very exciting night for me and for millions of other people. after the montana and south dakota primaries, barack obama has become the presumptive democratic nominee. it’s already almost cliché to say that it’s a historic night, but it couldn’t be any more true. without spending a great amount of time going into detail, i’m very excited that we have the opportunity to elect an african american to be the president of the united states. relatively speaking, it hasn’t been a tremendously long time since dr. martin luther king, jr. was making history through his amazing efforts and now we have another inspiring and transformative leader who is bringing change and reform to our country. so, take a minute to understand the significance of the night (and then get ready to go vote for barack obama in november…).

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