welcome back nfl, go away brett favre…

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Sunday, August 3rd, 2008

welcome back nfl, go away brett favre…

ah yes, the nfl is back. bar none, the nfl is the greatest sports league in the world. (that’s right, spain and england, you can suck on your la liga and premiership…) tonight i watched the (sort of ) kickoff to the nfl (pre)season with the hall of fame game. the colts and the redskins played and it was basically three quarters of watching guys you’ve never heard of. nevertheless, it was still good to see some nfl action.

unfortunately, we had to endure several hours of john madden and company kissing the washed-up derriere of brett “all-time record for interceptions” favre. several months ago, i wrote about my feelings about brett favre. being that there’s 24-7 hour coverage of every time brett favre sneezes or wipes his aforementioned derriere, i thought i would link to an article written by an nfl expert who has finally seen the light.
see what sal paolantonio had to say about favre earlier in the year (you know, back when favre said he was actually retiring…).

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