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Sunday, August 31st, 2008

internet junkie

i’m what you would call—admittedly—a computer nerd. if i had the time to do it, i would most definitely be a chronic internet surfer. in spite of my time restraints, from time to time, i do come across random and interesting websites. for instance, yesterday, i came across a site called dear adobe. it’s basically just a stripped-down gripes page for design people who regularly use adobe’s creative suite. anyway…not the point…basically, it got me thinking about various websites that i either frequent or find interesting time to time. i thought i would share…

the dailies
1. relevant magazine: random news, interesting editorial pieces and, well, relevant content
2. the unofficial apple weblog: my favorite apple news (nerd) website
3. espn: because i don’t have time to watch any of the 27 airings of sportscenter throughout the day…
4. various rss feeds:
washington post: i feel like a real adult reading real news here…
wired: nerd news
cnet news: ditto…
5. blogger: this crappy free blog site actually powers my site
the regulars
1. various blogs:
other people you probably wouldn’t know…
every once and a while
1. various artists
there ya go. go check these out. also, just for fun, here’s an awesome site i came across a couple days ago. tv has a weekly top 20 music videos (via mtv/napster) for every week between 1981 and 1998. it’s pretty cool to look back and see what kind of crap was popular when you were born/in high school/elementary school/favorite summer/etc. go get lost and waste endless hours. (sidenote: unfortunately, due to a recent crackdown on youtube for copyright issues, a lot of the youtube videos are missing. but, it’s still fun to at least see the list.)

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  1. your wife says:

    yes…clearly, you have no time to become a chronic internet surfer….

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