pro life, pro obama

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Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

pro life, pro obama

a few weeks ago, i blogged about my feelings concerning abortion and my general ethic of life in which i’m pretty sure i just ticked off both sides. some people, in reading that blog and already knowing my feelings about these issues, have questioned my choice to support obama—or any democrat, for that matter. “how could you vote for somebody who wants to kill babies?” (sigh…)

thanks to my wife, i came across a really interesting website that’s worth checking out, especially for people who “can’t” vote for a democrat because they “want to kill babies.” the site is called pro life pro obama and has some really good information.
the site is run by the matthew 25 network, which is an ecumenical group that supports social change through political action. here’s a little sample from their about page that will give you a little more of an idea of what they’re about and why they would run a site that endorses obama and the pro-life cause.

Therefore, while no elected official will be without flaw, we come together as individuals to support candidates for public office who share the values of the Matthew 25 Network: promoting life with dignity, caring for the least of these, strengthening and supporting families, stewardship of God’s Creation, working for peace and justice at home and abroad, and promoting the common good.

if you struggle with voting for someone who is “in favor” of abortion or you are just flat out against obama for that sole reason, i would highly recommend reading through this site to find out some of the facts. you might learn some surprising things about obama’s feeling toward abortion and you may find that he agrees with you more than you might think.
even if you are still unconvinced about obama, the site offers some much-needed insights about abortion and sheds some light on a very dark (and misunderstood) subject.

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  1. jesse says:

    I wouldn’t say Obama is “in favor” of abortion. But I don’t want to speak for him either.

    I don’t think there are too many people that are “in favor” of abortion, kinda like no one is “in favor” of pornography. But we tolerate it because to deny it in our nation means we forfeit certain rights that we enjoy.

    For pornography it’s free speech.
    For abortion it has to do with sovereignty over your own person. (I’m not sure that’s in the constitution though.) If a woman/ person is forced by the government to do whatever to or with her/ their body then it’s not so good.

    I can totally understand if people take the view that life begins at conception but that’s still a belief and pretty difficult to prove. So our society/ government/ court system has taken the stance that life begins at birth. We have to draw a line somewhere in a grey area and that’s where it was drawn. It’s not that it’s the right answer as to when life begins but that’s where it is.

    (Now people can hate me.)

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