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Thursday, October 9th, 2008

church quote

i’ll be the first one to admit that i can be one of the biggest critics of the american church. quite frankly, we deserve it. moreover than just criticism, we need is a group of reformers, much like those around 400 years ago, who are bold and committed to truth enough to make some hard statements and challenge believers to make some much-needed changes.

anyway,  i won’t get off on too much of a tangent, but it’s just to say that although i realize i can often be critical, it’s simply because i believe in her so much and because i want to see her live up to what she was intended to be.
with that said, i heard a great quote from shane claiborne (one of the modern reformers) about the balance between realizing our weaknesses and understanding our call to the church.
the church is like noah’s ark: it stinks, but if you get out, you’ll drown.
good stuff. true stuff.

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