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Sunday, October 19th, 2008

creative advertising

as most of you know, i work in advertising design, which in many ways, as i’ve said before, is very ironic due to the fact that advertising has very little effect on me. nevertheless, a good ad does what it’s supposed to do even for me. it draws you in and makes you take notice.

recently, google announced that it would be rolling out some new video ads on various websites to see how people responded. i’ve begun to see some and some have actually caught my attention in a positive way. other companies have been doing this as well in creative and interesting ways. (to clarify, these aren’t simply video/flash advertisements. that’s been going on for a long time. what i’m focusing on more is the creative, interactive types of video/flash advertisements.)
i saw one today on that was especially interesting to me because of its creative execution. while it’s no mystery that i’m an apple fanatic, this particular apple ad would have caught my attention even if it was some other company.
i love the way this video extends into and interacts with the static elements of the website. it’s clever and creative and it makes you want to watch it…several times. i did a screen capture of it. notice the top part of the video is the static elements of the page. when you click to start the ad/video, that’s when the advertisement interacts with the website. good stuff.

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