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Sunday, October 19th, 2008

exciting design news

greetings all.

i’m not sure if you heard or not, but i’m voting for barack hussein obama (you know, that arab muslim black guy…). anywho, as you may have also noted a couple weeks ago, i blogged about all the cool obama art that’s been floating around and specifically about a site called designforobama.org. well….i am now on that site with some of my own artwork.
i’ve been working on a poster and, as of this morning, it is now up on the site. so, that’s pretty cool. please go check it out and give it a good score (or if you think it sucks, you can feel free to give it an honest score…). i’m pretty excited about how the design turned out. i wanted to go with a simple printmaking style (which i’m really into) and i think it came out the way i visualized it. you can check it out at the following link:
on a related note, i’ve also started a store at skreened.com. skreened is a really cool ethical custom apparel store. you can create your own store with original designs and skreened handles the printing, shipping and commission to the artists. there’s a lot of cool stuff on skreened (as well as some crap) and i hope to be contributing to the cool end of the spectrum. i slightly modified the poster art i submitted to design for obama and made a t-shirt.
as another friendly blog request, i would implore you to go check out my skreened store and purchase my obama shirt. quite frankly, i get commission from sales. it’s very little (as a matter of full disclosure, it’s only $3), but it’s still a little somethin’ somethin’ for me and a cool t-shirt for you. you’ll notice that a default t-shirt style comes up, but you can pick from an array of colors, fits and even stuff like baby onesies and tote bags. the coolest thing about skreened is that everything is printed on american apparel shirts, which are by far the coolest shirts (not to mention that they’re american made and sweatshop free–as opposed to some of the other big name manufacturers).
so, go check these out and give me some feedback. here’s the link to my store:
one final note. christen also has a skreened store that will coincide with a new website we’re getting ready to launch. babybyrds.com is coming soon and will be the home to all things lucy and olive byrd (and future baby byrds). hopefully we can get that up and going in the next few weeks. in the meantime, go check out some of christen’s designs at http://skreened.com/babybyrds. also, don’t be hesitant to drop a few dollars on these. 🙂

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