happy trails, coach

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Monday, October 20th, 2008

happy trails, coach

one of the things that i don’t think i’ve talked about here on the ol’ blog is my beloved niners. the fact is, i have an unhealthy and frightening obsession with the greatest sports franchise on the planet: the san francisco 49ers.

i won’t go into all the reasons for this lifelong obsession, but i wanted to drop a happy trails note. as of this afternoon, mike nolan is no longer the head coach of the 49ers. it’s been a long 3 years, mike. you know i love ya, but it was time for a change. of all the all-time great sports franchises, there probably isn’t one that was so great that has fallen so far. so mike, it’s time to move on and give some other poor schlep a chance.
in the interim, mike singletary—the hall of fame bears linebacker—will assume the coaching reigns. after that…holmgren??? c’mon mike…we’ve had nolan, now me need holmgren. we’re not firing everyone named mike…just the current one.
so, we bid you adieu, mike. we still love you, but we’re moving on.
(now if the yorks could just fire themselves…)

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