why i can’t not vote for obama: a manifesto of hope

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Thursday, October 30th, 2008

why i can’t not vote for obama: a manifesto of hope

in 5 days, i will go to my local polling station and cast a vote for barack obama for president of the united states of america. a dirty and heated presidential race will finally come to an end.

i’m most glad that the hateful and deceptive emails and divisive political climate will somewhat recede. after receiving yet another email full of lies and hate toward barack obama, i felt compelled to sit down and write a thoughtful response. this isn’t just a response to an email, though. this is a piece that i have worked on over the last couple days. instead of firing back with some equally hateful and divisive response, i chose to present, in the spirit of obama, a pro-obama paper rather than an anti-mccain piece.
please give this a read. i’m just going to bluntly tell you that it’s long—9 pages to be exact. but seriously, please give it a read. especially if you are anti-obama, take some time. this isn’t propaganda. it doesn’t bash mccain. it simply gives my perspective on why i can’t not vote for barack obama.
happy reading.
click here to download a pdf.

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