fear and loathing (and burning) in san francisco

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Monday, November 10th, 2008

fear and loathing (and burning) in san francisco

tonight’s a big night: the niners are actually on t.v. and, even bigger, monday night football. these days, it would be a gross understatement that niners fans have been in much anguish and pain over the last 6 or 7 years. certainly, there has been weeping and gnashing of teeth on a biblical level.
currently, i should note, the niners, heading into halftime, lead the cardinals, 21-13. the niners just had an unbelievable drive to end the half and score (with an incredible catch by vernon davis), but it still doesn’t take away the pain of this, another underachieving season (so far).
in honor of the deep and pulsing pain that the niners fans are experiencing while waiting for our return to glory, i decided to mess around with garageband a little. trust me, don’t get your hopes up. this is very basic and rough. i’ve played around with garageband quite a bit in the past, but this was just me screwing around with a song that expresses so much anguish, that i can only believe that ray lamontagne is a niners fan…
seriously though, i’ve been listening to this album (ray lamontagne’s trouble) quite a bit and this song—burn—has particularly stood out to me because of its raw emotion and brutal anguish. in the midst of rediscovering this song over the last week, i stumbled upon a live version by brandi carlile (who is definitely my music crush…of course, i believe she likes girls…so that’s why she’s just my music crush…). so, i did a little mash-up of the two versions. brandi carlile brings the pretty; ray lamontagne brings the pain. hope you enjoy.

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