video roundup: from advent & atheists to mashups & masterpieces

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Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

video roundup: from advent & atheists to mashups & masterpieces

alright, so hopefully you took a look at our elderly rapper friends in my last post… today, for whatever reason, i came across a number of interesting videos and i thought i would just go ahead and share them here.

1. coldplay ft. jay-z performing lost: seriously, you need to check this out (and get the free download…downloading as we speak, so i can’t really speak for how good/bad it is, although both jay-z and coldplay have both signed off on the project…)
2. advent conspiracy: this is good stuff. christen and i have made a conscious decision to cut down on some christmas spending this year for various reasons and it would be good if others did so as well.
3. hitchens/wilson debate sneak peek: i don’t know a lot about this, but it’s a documentary that i believe comes out in the spring that features a debate between renowned theologian douglas wilson and renowned atheist christopher hitchens. i just thought the preview was cool and it alone makes you want to watch the documentary (if for no other reason than being shot so well).
4. timelapse painting: this kind of creativity really amazes me. good stuff.

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