beautiful summation of the christian faith by tony jones

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

beautiful summation of the christian faith by tony jones

i don’t twitter. if you would have asked me a month ago about twitter, i would have told you how retarded it is…now, though, i’m fighting the urge to jump on board. (don’t…do….it…ryan…) i’ve been casually following a couple people here lately on twitter and i actually came across a very striking and beautiful tweet through tony jones’s blogĀ (and you can follow him on twitter here).

apparently there’s a new hashtag on twitter that’s becoming increasing popular called twitter of faith (hashtag: #tof). in essence, people just put a brief (140 characters or less) statement of faith, so to speak. tony is one of my favorite authors, speakers, thinkers and bloggers and his tweet of faith is particularly beautiful. i thought i would share it with you.
God’s eschatological horizon, of which Jesus Christ is/was the first fruit, is approaching us; we are likewise moving toward God.
good stuff.

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