my guiding theologies: intro

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Thursday, November 27th, 2008

my guiding theologies: intro

for quite some time, i’ve wanted to do a series of posts that discuss the core values—the guiding theologies—that guide and shape my life. i prefer to use the words guiding theologies, as opposed to simply core values, because theologies describe the nature of god, of whom we were created to be like. values, often, simply suggest things that we choose, whereas guiding theologies are things that are eternal characteristics of god.

with that said, as life progresses, there are various theologies and characteristics of god that become more or less salient to us. for example, when people have children, often the characteristic of nurture is more dominant. when peoples’ lives are affected by addiction, matters of redemption and healing are more prominent.
so, beginning tomorrow (i hope), i’m going to start outlining 10(ish) guiding theologies (i’ll most likely do 2 at a time) that shape and direct my life. be on the lookout for that and i hope to create some dialogue about these things.

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