UPDATE: mark driscoll: the sad gospel of male chauvinism and female denigration

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Friday, November 28th, 2008

UPDATE: mark driscoll: the sad gospel of male chauvinism and female denigration

a few weeks ago, i posted this discussion about mark driscoll’s proclamation that stay-at-home dads were on a short track to hell (with video). i’m not surprised to find that there’s been others in the blogosphere (and beyond) who didn’t really receive his commentary with open arms (and rightfully so). honestly, after re-watching the video and re-listening to his thoughts, it makes me even more sad that he has such a dominant voice in the church world. his comments were simply the bible wrapped in his own cultural point-of-view and that’s just frustrating and a setback to people trying to be an advocate for gender egalitarianism as found in scripture.

recently, eugene cho, blogger and pastor of quest church in seattle, came onto my radar and i’ve really enjoyed reading his blog and learning about the faith community he founded several years ago. as a fellow seattle pastor (who’s just a matter of minutes from mars hill where driscoll pastors) and as someone who also values diversity and equality within the church, cho had a pointed response to driscoll’s biased assertion. you can read it here. cho did a good job articulating many of the things that i wanted/intended to say. he offers some good scriptural and cultural insights that are helpful. so, go check it out.
while we’re on the topic of eugene cho and mark driscoll, cho also wrote a response to some ridiculous comments driscoll made about males and christianity and jesus in christianity today. here’s cho’s thoughts.

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