top 10 buzzwords of 2008

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Saturday, December 27th, 2008

top 10 buzzwords of 2008

speaking of lists…i completely forgot to link to time’s list of top albums of 2008 (not that a list that puts lil’ wayne at #1 is all that credible…), along with their mammoth list of everything imaginable.

one of the lists that caught my attention was the top 10 buzzwords of 2008. i think those are always interesting, but with this one, i was struck by the accompanying illustrations. they were done by a young illustrator/designer in new york city named louise ma and i thought i would share them here. (the list starts at 1 and goes down from there).

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  1. DJ Walker says:

    They left off my most annoying buzz word of the year – “offline”. Used during a meeting when it gets off track, one of the people in the conversation will explain that “they need to take this conversation offline”. Ticks me off every time I hear it.

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