emergent jesus

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Monday, January 5th, 2009

emergent jesus

as i’ve pointed out before on here, i’m very thankful to have a wide array of readers. probably half of you enjoy (and look forward to) reading my blogs that focus on theology, whereas probably the other half of you scroll past those long, theological forays. i’m very thankful for the readership diversity.

so, this and what i hope is a series of posts, will probably have very little interest to you all in category 1 who are not really connected to the church, or, more particularly, have no idea what emergent village or the emerging church is. for those of you who do know, though, i hope you will find this as hysterical as i find it.
on twitter, i follow “EmergentJesus.” basically, it’s a twitter account by someone who claims to be jesus—well, that is, the “emergent” jesus. this is hilarious stuff to someone who identifies and connects with those engaged in the emerging conversation and emergent village, specifically. you know, if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you probably need to come down from your self-important pedestal.
i thought i would share some of his latest tweets and i hope to start regularly re-tweeting some of his stuff here on the blog in the future. (if you twitter, you can add him here.)
dec 26: The first command is this: read Rob Bell. The second is to say you are into social justice. In these lie all the Torah and prophets.
dec 31: New Year’s resolution #4: read ‘The Irresistable Revolution’ and then go to Starbucks and tell Suburbanites that they aren’t real Christians
dec 31: Getting ready to turn some water into champagne for NYE, although I’d much rather turn it into a local microbrew for my emergent friends!
hilarious stuff. more to come.

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  1. Jesse says:

    Is this someone being cynical to the emergant cause or just satiricle? I went to Starbucks this morning.

    Internet Explorer V6 hates your blog.

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