lost in a moment: the intimacy of sushi

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Sunday, February 8th, 2009

lost in a moment: the intimacy of sushi

i can’t quit watching this video.
it’s an impromptu film made in tokyo by filmmakers dennis wheatley and stefan mcclean. apparently, they were sitting in this sushi bar pondering how best to set up a camera to film things all by itself while they were in tokyo. so, they decided to utilize the bar’s conveyor system and let the camera take its own journey.
what’s so fascinating about this is the intimacy of the angle and the personal space in which you see people. also, i love the fact that it does what great art does: it takes mundane and ordinary life circumstances and makes them beautiful and interesting and engaging.


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  1. RAAB says:

    yeah, i totally had to steal this and put in on fb… at least i gave you props…

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