from the eikon blog: jesus vs. church

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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

from the eikon blog: jesus vs. church

i just posted this on the eikon blog and i thought it would be good to post it here as well. if you haven’t made it over to the eikon (temporary) site (or haven’t been in awhile), take a quick look and see what’s going on with this new faith community coming to downtown little rock. i think it’s pretty excited and i’d love for you to join with us.

dave gibbons’ new book, the monkey and the fish: liquid leadership for a third culture church, gives some much-needed global perspective into leadership in the church. gibbons serves as pastor of newsong church, a multi-cultural community in irvine, california and in the book, he talks about how to live out the values of jesus in an increasingly global culture.
in the book, he provides a chart that i think speaks so well to what we’re trying to do with eikon. one of our guiding theologies is that the life, values and mission of jesus dictate the shape and flow of our community. it guides us in the way we lead, interact with each other, present the message of christ and engage the larger community of little rock. there’s a way the church has done it (and that way has become the unfortunate and stereotypical standard) and then there’s a way that looks more like jesus. gibbons’ chart helps to illustrate this.

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