will ferrell prays to diet slice-drinking jesus

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Saturday, April 11th, 2009

will ferrell prays to diet slice-drinking jesus

a few weeks ago, will ferrell’s broadway act, you’re welcome america: a final night with george w. bush aired on hbo. i just now got a chance to watch it yesterday. and it. was. hysterical.

now, let me just pause and make a big disclaimer. while it was amazingly hysterical, there are certainly things in it that would be deeply offensive to some of my readers (including language and very graphic images…graphic to say the least…). so, if you decide to run out and watch it, just know that you have been warned. 🙂
beyond being funny—like the kind of funny where your stomach hurts because you laugh so hard—it was actually a subtle and comedic way to make some political and social commentary. now, it wasn’t in a way that made you not want to watch it if you like george w. bush (in my opinion and if you can take a joke ), but it was certainly a featured element of the act. as someone who thinks w. was a pretty lame president, but at the same time, can’t stand when ridiculous people go overboard and rail against him like he’s some kind of bumbling idiot who is a war criminal, i think ferrell took plenty of potshots, but still kept it light and laughable even if you disagree with him.
ferrell, naturally, took some shots at w.’s faith, specifically in the sense that w. seems to represent a portion of the american society who likes to wrap the bible in the american flag. early in his act, he offers a prayer and it’s pretty hilarious. will ferrell is one of my all-time favorite comedians and he shows here why. he is able to take these absurd analogies and stories and weave them into something believable. no other comedian would have envisioned some kind of jesus who walks around drinking diet slice, but ferrell does and he pulls it off.
so, here ya go.

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