democracy wins: derek webb covers the beatles’ ‘while my guitar gently weeps’

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Friday, February 5th, 2010

democracy wins: derek webb covers the beatles’ ‘while my guitar gently weeps’

in early january, i blogged about derek webb’s latest innovative project called democracy vol. 1. over the last several weeks, fans could cast votes for up to 12 songs that they wanted webb to cover. then, the 12 songs receiving the most votes would be covered by webb for the album. the album will then be recorded over the span on 2010, with 1 track being recorded and released each month.

instead of releasing the the full list of tracks, webb plans to reveal each track month-by-month. and today, we found out the first one.

kicking off the year of democracy is the beatles’ while my guitar gently weeps. with him having said that these would be “demo quality”, i made the assumption that they would just be him and a guitar. with the release of this track, though, comes the surprise that it’s actually another cog in his electronic musical shift over the last year. the track is certainly not fully fleshed out, but it is a layered, electronic-driven track that puts a whole new spin on the beatles’ classic. think beatles meet derek webb meets danger mouse.

it’s really an incredible track, so i thought i’d share it here. enjoy.


  1. Justin says:

    I just purchased Democracy – how did you get access to it? Do I just wait on an email?

  2. Justin says:

    Thanks! Did I even have to buy it if it was here for download? Not that I wouldn't have, of course…

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