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Tuesday, May 20th, 2008


hey everybody,

this is ryan. so this is my new website. obviously, it’s blog-driven, but i’m including a couple other little things. feel free to browse around and acquaint yourself with my little website.

honestly, i really don’t have an objective for the blog. my posts will range from really heavy meaty stuff to the ultimate in ridiculousness and frivolity. enjoy both. i’m hoping to foster some form of community on here. you can help by doing a few things:

1. leave comments
2. read other people’s comments
3. tell other people how cool my blog is
4. remind yourself daily how cool my blog is
5. leave a comment telling me and thus, alerting others as to how cool my blog is

seriously though, leave some comments and interact. it’s more fun for everybody that way (and i don’t fall into a state of clinical depression when nobody leaves comments on my blogs…). on a quick final note, i only have a few rules:

1. don’t take things too personally. i’m not a jerk and i’m probably not talking about you. (unless i specifically mention your name…in which case there’s a good chance that i’m talking about you.)
2. look, if you disagree, that’s ok. just don’t blow a gasket. voice your disagreement in a civil way and let’s talk about it. i like to disagree and have a healthy conversation.
3. understand that in matters of theology, politics or other weighty issues, i value when people can see that we’re on an evolving journey of learning and discovery. i embrace that. if i seem to contradict myself or question a past value, it may not be a fault or mistake.
4. have a good time. seriously, most of the posts will probably be light and not too important in the grand scheme of things, so just have a good time.

alright, so there you go. take off.