the 90’s

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Sunday, June 8th, 2008

the 90’s

i’m pretty sure i’m unhealthily into 90’s music. it’s true. i came to this sad realization this morning when i drove my father-in-law’s vehicle, in which he has xm radio. i found my hand immediately levitating toward the tuner dial and twisting rapidly—as if there was no tomorrow—to the station simply called the 90’s. what amazing goodness. much to my decade-old delight, jon secada was softly serenading me with the venerable just another day. now here me out on this…i’m not a jon secada fan, per se, but i was immediately transported to 1992 and my middle school glory days. my mind was flooded with dreams of starter jackets, reebok pumps and rectangle cafeteria pizza (all of which i fully delighted in).

i’m pretty sure i’m gonna be that dad who forces his children to listen to the “oldies’ station in the car of trips…which sadly, for all you reading this blog who are my age or older, the oldies station is gonna be playing 90’s music. my (and your) kids will wonder how music was that lame and they will be surprised that we had the technology available to even record audio. they will hear sex and candy come on and they will beg for me to change the channel to the top 40 station, which i’m guessing will be music that is just a bunch of ethereal beats and occasional clicks with some synthesized woman’s voice coming in every few bars with some kind of mysterious chant about the club heating up or some crap like that. man, it’s gonna be weird. i will then tell them that this was when there was real music and how we could understand the lyrics.

ok, gotta run…omc’s how bizarre is begging to be played…