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Wednesday, June 11th, 2008


yes, that is, indeed, my offspring...

i’m consistently reminded about how deep my love for lucy is and how much brighter she makes my life. most of the time, i notice these things in the simplest parts of life.

a couple days ago, we made a monumental switch: we turned around lucy’s car seat. this change has been really fun for us because we can see exactly what lucy is doing as we drive along (of course, the chance of rear ending some other helpless driver has sky-rocketed due to my obsessive turning around while driving…). we’ve found that she does some really funny stuff to occupy herself.

tonight, i decided to go out—just me and lucy. we went a few places and with every stop, she got a little more tired (it was getting close to her bedtime). finally, as i was in the chick-fil-a drive through, she looked at me in the rear view mirror, gave me a cut little smile, made a little sigh noise and just laid her head over and went to sleep. she looked so cute with her little broken-neck sleep position…so i had to take a picture.