our summer vacation is in minden, louisiana…seriously…

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Saturday, July 5th, 2008

our summer vacation is in minden, louisiana…seriously…

yeah, that right…this is our vacation: minden, la. no offense to minden—it’s a fine town, i’m sure—but it isn’t exactly a vacation hotspot. actually, christen and i are here to shoot a wedding of one of our good friends cara beth (congratulations cara beth and brent!) and they’ve put us up in a hotel for two nights, so this is what we’re referring to as our sad summer vacation.

nevertheless, we are having a good time. we hung out in shreveport last night at the boardwalk and had a really good time. we really miss lucy when we’re away from her, but it’s good to get away every now and then and catch up with each other. i love christen more than i can express here in this blog, so it’s good to get away and  just reconnect away from the constancy of a 14-month old.

i’m looking forward to the wedding tonight, because i am shooting alongside christen. she’s gonna handle her normal stuff and i’m gonna do the more off-the-cuff creative stuff that allows me a lot more flexibility and creativity in what i shoot. it should be fun. christen’s photography is beautiful and over the last several years of shooting weddings, she’s really developed a nice style and workflow.

so, i would love to sit here and blog more, but i don’t want to waste away this incredible opportunity of a vacation here in sunny minden, louisiana. 😉