marriage in reality: <i>to christen</i>

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Thursday, July 24th, 2008

marriage in reality: <i>to christen</i>

in my previous post, i talked about songs that have had a significant theological impact on my life. one of the songs i listed was roll to the middle by sara groves. sara groves is an amazing and insightful artist who always has profoundly theological lyrics in a neatly packed pop facade. one of the most engaging things about her music is simply her emotionally charged voice and endearing musical arrangements.


roll to the middle is one of her most emotionally charged songs and one of my favorites. i have to admit, i’m a cryer…and this is one of those songs that it takes me less than one verse to get teary-eyed. in all seriousness, lyrically, it’s that emotive and truthful. she has done what very little music does for relationships and especially marriage: she tells the truth. marriage isn’t all lovey moments and wedded bliss. it’s a dirty business that relies on much more than just love or infatuation. sara groves beautifully captures this.

anytime someone starts going on and on about how much they love their spouse in a blog or the like, i almost want to gag because of how sugary it always is. with that said, though, i am bad about not stopping to appreciate christen and what she means in my life. she is every love cliché and then so much more to me. the moment this song comes on, i am reminded about how deep and lasting my love is for you.

so, i’m posting the lyrics and then (in hopes to avoid a call from sara groves’ lawyer…) :), i’m posting the mp3. enjoy (and get some kleenex for all you fellow cryers…).

We just had a World War III here in our kitchen 
We both thought the meanest things 
And then we both said them 
We shot at each other till we lost amunition 
This is how I know our love 
This is when I feel it’s power 
Here in the absence of it 
This is my darkest hour 
When both of us are hunkered down 
And waiting for the truce 
All the complicated wars 
They end pretty simple 
Here when the lights go down 
We roll to the middle 
No matter how my pride resists 
No matter how this wall feels true 
No matter how I can’t be sure 
That you’re gonna roll in too 
No matter what, no matter what 
I’m going to reach for you